Thursday, February 11, 2010

New song: You Are Royalty To Me

I am so excited to be back to video-blogging!

In this blog, I play a new song for you that I wrote for my granny, called "You Are Royalty To Me." I really love this song and I'd like to sneak it onto the upcoming record.

One small snag: I've already finished recording. Whoops! :)

So, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. If lots of you think I should put it on the CD (well, even if just a few of you do :), then I'll go back into the studio and record it.

Please let me know - email me at and tell me what you think.

Also, if you have the ability to become a sponsor of the song, please visit the preorder page to learn more about sponsorship.

Thanks for watching and listening!

so much peace, love, & music,

ps. Tim's site is


  1. Count me in! Lovely. My Granny saved my life also, but I never got the chance to tell her.

  2. Yes...yes, plz put that on the new CD! So sweet and it makes me think of my Grandma Hartman that just passed in November. :(
    Hey Ellis, I loved your post about your skiing epiphany...I have find that when I keep my heart open and my mind easy, and just allow the life force to flow through me rather than around me, I meet amazing people, amazing things happen and I'm more capable of doing amazing work! Remembering and practicing this...well, that is the challenge. :)

  3. Ellis,
    This song is so beautiful. Like all of your music it's just so genuine and pure. Both my granny's live in the UK and I never had the chance to get to know them that well...but I know that they wanted to be the grannys like the one in your song.
    Please put it on your record!
    Continue sharing your love for life and music with us. You are so rejuvenating.

  4. love the video blog. I'd love to hear some of your stories on your album. I feel like they are equally as awesome as your music and a huge part of why I love coming out to your show in SF, CA when you're out here.

  5. I think it's a great song! It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of my grandmother!

    P.S. Can't wait to see you at the Coffee Hag this weekend!

  6. Hi, I have just discovered your music and your voice with the song "How would it be", you've really touched me, you're very good... I will surely buy your new CD! congratulations!
    Greetings from Italy!

  7. Yes! Put it on! I just saw you for the first time last weekend in Seattle, and your honesty in word and song just blew me away. This song reminds me of my mom and my daughter's great grandma (on her mother's side), who recently passed away at the ripe age of 95. Her husband and son spent many a day in the oil fields. She was tough but so tender all at the same time. Come to think of it, so was my mom. All the best!

  8. Ellis - love this new song so much! How 'bout just you and the guitar on the new record and then do it up right on the next one? It is fun to see how your songs grow / change in subtle ways when you give them time to breathe...So glad that you had a "day" and an excuse to do this song. I love that in your 8 min video blog, I both laughed (at you and your big hahas) and cried at the beauty and joy and truth of your music. Keep at it you amaazing woman! Angie

  9. Love love love!!! I agree with Angela, just you and the guitar because that was beautiful. Do all the bells and whistles on the next album. I recently discovered your music and I am now a HUGE fan :) I hope you know, that even though your life is sooo crazy and hectic at times, that your music is always bringing peace and joy into our lives. I hope to see you live someday! Keep it up and good luck!

  10. Sweet, very sweet...gave me chills. Play it without the band-just you and the guitar.

  11. Gorgeous Ellis, absolutely gorgeous! I am also a huge fan of "How would it be" - listened to it over and over and over...

  12. Hey, I just went on a link-treasure-hunt from all the way back at lastfm, and I'm so glad I came across you! It's so heartening to see how much you enjoy what you're doing, your positivity really shines through. I'm so inspired! Thankyou!

  13. Loved it, simply loved it.

  14. "I am who I am because I was loved by a queen." That is beautiful. I have been grieving the loss of my wonderful grandma, and this song - it helps. Helps me find words to put to the sadness and joy of having had such a wonderful companion yet having to let go of her too. So THANKS! :) I met you & your music at a concert at St. Olaf a couple years ago, and it is always a pleasure to see/hear you again. Keep up the good work.