Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In The Studio!

In this videoblog, I'm showing you a little bit of studio time in NYC with Ben Wisch and Terri Mazurek (well, she's the one taking the video, so she managed to stay out of the front of the camera.. this time!) It also include a clip from one of the songs, "Coming Home To You."

I hope you have fun watching it - we had fun making it!


  1. fresh air...air...air..
    we hope all is well.
    -andee and stace

  2. Coming are bringing it home..cannot wait! You ARE home...


  3. Yeah! Hey, what's in that water? :) LOVE Coming Home To You and can't wait for the release and then to see you in Denver! Yeah!

  4. Hi Ellis!
    this is Crisao, a new fan from Brazil. Recently I heard about you and really, really, really loved your songs! Hope you'll be blessed with joy, happiness because you are a cute, talented and charming artist!


  5. Hi Ellis, your video blogs are really fun and enjoyable. I'm going to get that book you recommend The Art of can never have enough personal development. I'm going to pre-order your CD (you should go shopping for another bank :) .... you are deserving of much success... stick with it and enjoy the process as I see you are...

  6. "Coming Home" is lovely. It'll be great to hear the whole thing. I hope you're adding harmonies, because it's dying for some, eh?

  7. love to you and terri! we're so cheering you on, sweet friend.

  8. Hello Ellis,

    Aimee, Kirin, Angie and I enjoyed your show at the Dolores Park Cafe in San Francisco this past Friday. Thank you!

  9. Hi Ellis,

    A friend recently introduced me to your heartfelt music. I was immediately hooked. In fact, I've spent the past hour this morning trying to figure out the guitar line to Right on Time - I finally resorted to looking it up on YouTube - after seeing you play it, I think I'll give up :)

    Your music has been a soothing soundtrack that's right on time for what I'm currently experiencing. Blessings - Bill Cote, The Reverse Engineers

    p.s. Any relation to the Bergeron's from Springfield, Mass?